ZodTTD, master porter and hobby homebrewer, has updated his port of Quake to the iPhone! It’s available via the Cydia installer.

Release notes:

Today I updated Cydia’s ZodTTD Public Source with a new update to quake4iphone. This release is much more stable than previous releases, offers better controls, and should play better in general.

Be sure to check out quake4iphone v0.9.0 and comment on it here. I’m curious as to what you’d like in v1.0.0, so be sure to let me know!

Also, I’m aware quake4iphone wasn’t the most requested project to be worked on this weekend, but I knew there was some demand for it and I could get it done quickly. I will be choosing another project from the list and getting work done on it. So consider this weekend a two-for-one. 😉