Run, Jump, Fall. (Get Back Up) is the new simple and addictive running game from Toga Pit.

In Run, Jump, Fall. you are a man training to participate in the Mexican Charreada. Your teammates decide to practice team roping (Terna en el Ruedo), an event where a young bull is chased down and tied up. There’s only one problem: They don’t have a bull! Run as far as you can so your teammates get their practice, avoiding all the hazards on the road ahead.

Tilt the screen to turn, and touch the screen to jump. These are all the controls you need to know to play Run, Jump, Fall. Run as far as you can, jumping over the cows, pits, and other obstacles in your way. Play against your friends or the world with OpenFeint leaderboards.

Run, Jump, Fall. is designed to be played any way you are comfortable holding your device. Try it out with the screen sideways, or even upside-down!