SlotZ Track Editor is an add on utility for fans of the hit game SlotZ Racer which gives you the intuitive track editing facilities you get in SlotZ Racer, along with an online Track Browser so you can scan through the hundreds of tracks that SlotZ Racer players have created and uploaded to the game’s servers.

Create huge and detailed tracks in all sorts of styles and add scenery, then test them with automated computer cars with all the same camera modes as in SlotZ Racer so that you can see how well the track will race.

When you’ve found a track you like or created a new one, email it to a friend, send it over Wi-F to another user with SlotZ Track Editor or SlotZ Racer or launch it automatically in SlotZ Racer to race on it.

If you don’t already have SlotZ Racer, the SlotZ Track Editor gives you a chance to play around with the incredible track editing facilities that are built into the game and view the tracks that SlotZ Racer players are creating.