SMSD is a simple application for iPhone to delete and forward individual SMS.


New Feature: If Home button is pressed while in Compose screen, application suspends and resumes at the same screen.
New Feature: Application will start with Inbox screen if there are unread messages.
New Feature: Ability to turn on/off notifier without UICtl.
New Feature: Ability to forward SMS using a template.
New Feature: Ability to forward SMS to mail.
UI Enhancement: To field shows keypad keyboard now.
UI Enhancement: In compose screen, message can be entered without tapping on the screen.
UI Enhancement: New (supposedly better) icon
UI Enhancement: Stay at the compose screen if send failed.
Fix : Template list was not scrolling to last template properly.
Fix : Keyboard keys were overlapping in international mode.
Fix : Received messages were shown in Sent box after sending SMS.
Fix : Chinese SMS.
Fix : Better addressbook resolution.
Fix : MobileSMS icon unread count goes out of sync.
Fix : After restart icon unread count goes out of sync.