SNES4iPhone v1.0.0 by ZodTTD is a port of PocketSNES (DrPocketSNES v9) to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Head to the forums at for more information on installing PocketSNES, as well as source code and beta downloads!

Please note:
Firmwares before 1.1.3 SNES ROMs must go in /var/root/Media/ROMs/SNES/
Firmwares at or above 1.1.3 SNES ROMs must go in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/SNES/

Also note:
For firmware 1.1.3 users, it is recommended you change ownership of /var/mobile to user mobile by:
1. Log into your iPhone or iPod Touch with SSH user/pass: root/alpine
2. Run this command
chown -hR mobile /var/mobile
3. Thats it. Enjoy a much more stable and compatible 1.1.3!

Thanks to ZodTTD himself for the news.