SNES4iPhone is a fully featured Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch! SNES4iPhone is based off Notaz’s excellent DrPocketSNES emulator.


Updated interface. Includes File Browser, Recents, Save States, and Options.
Loads more than 300 ROMs in a single directory without crashing due to timing out on program load.
Improved the options set for the C-based interpreters. More games now run, and some run better such as Super Mario RPG.
Better auto-frameskip.
Fixed a a few controller bugs. Should react better.
Worked on performance as much as I could. Still it’s best to play games without sound, for a very large performance increase.
Added snesadvance SuperDAT speedhack support. It’s off by default as it can disable sound in some games. I haven’t seen much performance gain to warrant it being on default. It’s been fixed since the beta release and it’s an option now.
Added an option for turning on and off transparencies to gain performance.
Added a framerate counter option for debug purposes.
Skins are back to being supported!
More and more.