SNES4iPhone is a fully featured Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch! SNES4iPhone is based off Notaz’s excellent DrPocketSNES emulator.


Hi everyone!

Lots of ZodTTD activity behind the scenes as of late. The first to be reported on is snes4iphone. It received two major updates since I last reported on it.

As you may already know, snes4iphone is my port of the Super Nintendo emulator named PocketSNES to the iPhone and iPod Touch series of devices. I had recently updated it to v4.0.0. It was a nice update but I couldn’t stop there. I was able to save and restore the R9 register properly within the assembly emulation “cores” used in PocketSNES (with credit due to Notaz for his great work writing the assembly CPU core).

So what does this all mean? It means I release v5.0.0 of snes4iphone which gives massive performance increases. The hand written assembly code produced very noticeable performance gains.

Even better, previous save states are compatible, SRAM saves now work, and the user interface has been made to match the gpSPhone updates. This means 1000’s of ROMs can be loaded, and tons of other fixes. You also now have the option to smooth scale (hardware scaling filter) the screen. It does lower performance a bit though.

Any downsides? Well yes. Super Mario RPG is no longer compatible. I will look into this.

Note that enabling transparencies in the settings menu may be needed to overcome graphical glitches in games. It’s disabled by default for performance reasons.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to for the news!