Godzilla, Gamera, King Kong and The Thing are what the Japanese call “Kaiju.” Now imagine a team of these so-called “Kaiju,” fighting evil, eating pizza and starring in their own reality TV series.

The Super Kaiju Hero Force is the first original comic book series created specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Crispy Comics. This action-comedy is exclusive to the AppStore with new chapters available for free every two weeks.

Presented in spectacular “Monster-Vision,” you follow the adventures of three fanboys who become more of a part of Otaku culture than they bargained for. A “What if Godzilla ate a Pokemon in South Park and burped out a sound only an Autobot could hear” kind of adventure series! Starring breakout sensations Garganturo, Democules and Mungor also co-starring Daisuke “Bobby” Yamaguchi.

The Super Kaiju Hero Force comics come with the official Crispy Comics Viewer which only requires a thumb and at least one good eye. Swipe pages with your thumb and view with your eye. Yes, it is that easy!

Prepare to deep-fry your eyeballs with the Super Kaiju Hero Force! Download Chapter 1 today!