If you are familiar with the shooting star game at carnivals and fairs, then this game is for you.

Just like the real version, you have 100 shots, and can barely see the target. The object of the game is the same, shoot out the red target completely before running out of shots. One important difference is that with this game, you can actually win.

Use your finger as the trigger and anywhere you touch, shots will be fired. The best way to win is to shoot a circle around the outside of the target. Shots around an area without any gaps (no matter how small) will ‘fall out’. Be careful not too leave any red points outside the circle. A single red pixel is difficult to see (break out the eye loupes), and will prevent you from winning.

Scoring is based on how many shots you have left when you completely shoot out the target.

In addition to the traditional 5 pointed star, there is also a 12 pointed star, Pear shape, and Cherry shape.