This application allows you to read large Text (.txt,.text), Palm Doc (.pdb), Mobipocket (.pdb,.prc,.mobi), Plucker (.pdb), HTML (.htm,.html), and FB2 files quickly and efficiently on the iPhone. This application lacks many of the advanced features of ruBooks or, but it can quickly load and display large text files that currently cause or other UI Text View/Web View based apps problems.

Note: and ruBooks provide a formatted display of text and images with hyperlink support, fonts, colors, etc. If you are willing to break up your book into smaller chapters they may also be options.


Adds a first pass at search … it always searches from the current position and the search term will be at the start of the text if it is found.
Click on the Magnifying glass to get the keyboard and search field
click on the text area to make the search/keyboard go away without having to do a search
Type in your search text and select, SEARCH. The last search string is remembered, so you can do multiple searches with a few clicks.
If the string is found, the text window will appear with the found text at the start of the page.
If the string is not found in the remaining text,a message will appear above.
Fixes (I hope) rotation issues when you have a dialog/alertsheet displayed
Finally fixes the GBK/GB2312 encoding issue … make sure you select “GBK/GB2312/CP936 (Simplified Chinese)” for encoding … (EUC) won’t work. I put it at the top to make sure people notice it.
New cache files and icons … Cache files are stored in Unicode, so as long as it was read in properly once, you can change the encoding and they will still be read in correctly. The down side is that if you set the encoding wrong and read in a file, the garbage is stored in the cache, so you’ll have to change the encoding, delete the cache file, and reopen in order to make a cache file that is valid. If a file has a cache file, only the cache file will be visible. I’m debating whether or not this is a good idea … let me know if you have an opinion.
Holding down vol key will scroll once, wait and then repeat quickly if you keep holding down the vol key. The initial pause is to “de-bounce” the key and prevent multiple scrolls from one press
First pass at being able to turn volume button scrolling on/off
Vol buttons will always control volume when not on the text screen. When on text screen vol buttons will only scroll if turned on via the settings page (set to off, line, or page scroll)
“Title/Info” page now displays the percentage rather than the file name. The file name is now displayed in a smaller font above the “title/info” bar.
New icon thanks to the incomparable Wolfgang Kurtz – Thanks!
Added back the “Ignore Single LF” option. Warning: This can really slow down smooth scrolling up if there are not many LFs in the doc. If you use it, make sure there really are a lot of Line Feeds that need to be stripped, or consider using the page up/down taps instead of scrolling. I’ll try to improve the performance of scrolling up with this option, but there are a lot of other high priority issues, so for now just turn it off if it annoys you.
Localization fixes
New Localizations Greek (Pericles), French (pieroxy), German (Wolfgang), and Russian(?????? ????????)
Fix Right Margin – text should more or less go to the screen edge (depending on pad and char width)
Fix font size 32 drawing bug is now fixed
Better (or at least different) rules for breaking long lines
Fix case where text in a block would sometimes disappear