This application allows you to read large Text (.txt,.text), Palm Doc (.pdb), Mobipocket (.pdb,.prc,.mobi), Plucker (.pdb), HTML (.htm,.html), and Fiction Book (.fb2) files quickly and efficiently on the iPhone/Touch. This application doesn’t have the fancy formatting of ruBooks or, but it can quickly load and display large text files that currently cause or other UI Text View/Web View based apps problems. If you want to load books quickly and read text, this may be the app for you.


Adds support for CHM and ZIP files. Since both of these files are “containers” for other files, they will be “exploded” into a cache directory, and you can then navigate the directory and open, delete, etc. any file you want. Because they are tag’d as a cache directory, you can delete the cache with or without the original file. When a cache directory exists, you’ll only see it – you won’t see the original ZIP or CHM file. This is VERY preliminary code, so let me know how it works. I have a bad feeling about NLS/International character support for file names – both for the ZIP/CHM file and for their contents, but try it and let me know how it looks.
Adds an option “File Scroll” to allow a left-to-right swipe in the middle of the screen to open the previous file, and a right-to-left swipe to open the next file in the directory. This isn’t particularly pretty, but I can’t get a nice animation to work while I’m processing the file. Feel free to check out the code if you know anything about iPhone programming … Anyway, right now it will go the the last saved location for the file, and will show cover art if it exists. I’ll leave it up to the users (all 3 of you) to decide if this is how it ought to work.
There were some comments that the “delete” button was too sensitive (i.e. it would appear when scrolling). I have tried to tighten up the location of the swipe so that you should be able to scroll without problem if you keep your finger on the left 2/3 of the screen. Again, let me know if this is reasonable, or if I need to look into doing something else.

Note: and ruBooks provide a formatted display of text and images. If you are willing to break up your book into smaller chapters they may also be options.