This application allows you to read large Text (.txt,.text), Palm Doc (.pdb), Mobipocket (.pdb,.prc,.mobi), Plucker (.pdb), HTML (.htm,.html), and Fiction Book (.fb2) files quickly and efficiently on the iPhone/Touch. This application doesn’t have the fancy formatting of ruBooks or, but it can quickly load and display large text files that currently cause or other UI Text View/Web View based apps problems. If you want to load books quickly and read text, this may be the app for you.


Files are now ordered case insensitive and numerically instead of alphabetically. This means that you’ll see lists like file 1, File 2, file 3, … File 10, file 11.
Files that have never been opened will have a “fat” disclosure symbol (>) while files that have already been opened will have the “normal” disclosure symbol > after their name. This will hopefully allow people to keep track of files they have already read, although the delete button is a good way to handle that as well.
The Settings page was getting too complicated, so I have tried to split it up. Let me know what you think, an if you have any problems or suggestions.

Note: and ruBooks provide a formatted display of text and images. If you are willing to break up your book into smaller chapters they may also be options.