This application allows you to read large Text (.txt,.text), Palm Doc (.pdb), Mobipocket (.pdb,.prc,.mobi), Plucker (.pdb), HTML (.htm,.html), and Fiction Book (.fb2) files quickly and efficiently on the iPhone/Touch. This application doesn’t have the fancy formatting of ruBooks or, but it can quickly load and display large text files that currently cause or other UI Text View/Web View based apps problems. If you want to load books quickly and read text, this may be the app for you.


* Adds support for CHM, ZIP and RAR files. These files will be expanded into cache directories so you can navigate into them and open the files they contain. Cache directories can also be deleted.
* Improved formatting for eReader, Mobipocket, RTF, Palm Doc, Plucker, HTML, FB2, PDB, PRC, and Text files.
* Adds an option to automatically delete cache directories when you leave them*
* Adds an option for “File Scrolling”: Swipe left<->right to go to the next or previous file in the directory.
* Better file management including improved file ordering and updating after a delete
* Added an indicator to differentiate between opened and unopened files
* Split up the settings page into sub-pages
* New search options
* Minor bug fixes

Note: and ruBooks provide a formatted display of text and images. If you are willing to break up your book into smaller chapters they may also be options.