Treasuremytext for iPhone lets you archive selected messages from your iPhone to Treasuremytext, an SMS archive service (currently in beta). It works over your data connection so archiving messages is free. The application also allows you to delete individual messages from the iPhone (a feature missing from the built in SMS application).

Many thanks to Mike Lewis on iPhone dev, Flickr for API inspiration and the iFlickr team for sharing their code.

Release notes:


Delete Individual SMS
Archive SMS messages to your Treasuremytext account
Archives SMS messages and deletes from iPhone in one action
No message charges (works over EDGE and Wifi)
Added benefits for use with Treasuremytext:

Messages appear in TMT with the original date sent
Contact information is automatically stored with the message
A new contact is created if the from address is not yet in your Treasuremytext contacts
To use Treasuremytext for iPhone you need two things:

A Jailbroken iPhone with ‘Installer App’
A Treasuremytext account