ZodTTD has posted some work in progress news about his VLC port to Playstation Portable.

Let us quote him:

Hello everyone,

ZodTTD here. I have been hard at work on fixing some tough bugs and various issues with my port and frontend of the VLC media player to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The last of the major issues I had have been fixed, and I’ve fixed MANY bugs and even added a feature or two!

Here’s a quick list of changes in vlc4iphone v0.9.5:
– Added a streaming media feature to vlc4iphone, so movies and audio can be streamed via HTTP and RTSP!
– Added full support (sound + video decoding) for the following video formats:
FLV (Flash Video) XviD (DivX) MP4 (MPEG4) MOV (Quicktime)
H264 (Hi Def) 3GP (Mobile movies)
– Added video playback of WMV movies.
– Added audio playback of OGG in addition to FLAC, MP3, MP2, etc.
– Added a fast forward and rewind feature for videos.
– Fixed up and improved file browsing within the vlc4iphone GUI.
– Fixed many bugs concerning stability.

With vlc4iphone you can download files from Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch using a local download patch and easily add them to a playlist for playback, without worry of format and need of conversion and syncing tools.

Also, now you can enter your favorite media’s HTTP URL or RTSP into vlc4iphone’s playlists and stream the media over the net!
Have a YouTube video FLV? Just add it to vlc4iphone for playback.

There are still some things to do:
– I need to add ID3 Tag labels to audio media playback. And also label video media so people are more aware of what is being played during the playlist.
– I need to add a current location label to the file browsing.
– More performance can always help. Though FLV and MP4s are running very nicely assuming they aren’t very large resolutions!

Beta testers, and future beta testers, be sure to give feedback of this large update.

If you are a part of the media or a journalist, blogger, etc. and would like to receive vlc4iphone betas, just contact me here with a link to your work/website. The demand has been enormous for this application, but I will do my best to respond to all inqueries as fast as possible.

Thanks and enjoy,