VNsea is a graphical (duh) VNC client for the iPhone and presumably the iPod touch (once it’s hacked) based on Chicken of the VNC for Mac OS X.


Issue 23 : Double-tapping/clicking does not work
Issue 39 : Too easy to accidentally click when chording to scroll
Issue 43 : Hostname:port address still uses default port
Issue 28 : Pressing the home button doesn’t gracefully disconnect from the server
Issue 29 : Cannot cancel an opening connection
Issue 37 : Need hysteresis for mouse movement
Issue 40 : Remote mouse can become stuck down
Issue 42 : Connecting to server is not modal
Issue 45 : 16-bit pixel depth uses only 4 bits per component
Issue 46 : 8-bit pixel depth uses only 2 bits per colour component
Issue 48 : Connecting to osxvnc server occasionally fails even when CotVNC works

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