VNsea is a graphical VNC client for both the iPhone and the iPod touch based on Chicken of the VNC for Mac OS X. Version 0.6 is on the site now. This release should be quite a bit more stable than the last couple. Plus, it has some nice new features, including the long-awaited ctrl-alt-del command!


A new helper functions window that is shown with the “More” button. The fit to screen controls have been moved here.
A new preference to keep open connections alive when the home button is pressed has been added. A check mark is visible on the VNsea icon in SpringBoard when there is an active connection.
Reorganised the main server list screen a little.
A workaround has been added for very large displays or multiple monitor systems. It is imperfect, in that it cuts the display off, but the underlying problem is with the OS so not a whole lot can be done.
Issue 6 Status display would be very handy
Issue 7 Garbled screen with multiple monitors or large display
Issue 8 Unable to send ctrl +alt +delete command
Issue 69 Connection to host computer should stay open if you press the home button
Issue 80 “New” button on Nav bar does not conform..
Issue 83 Occassional crash when connected for a while
Issue 86 Crashing using EDGE
Issue 100 Please add Tab key
Issue 101 No esc