Here are some news from ZodTTD:

The number one request I’ve gotten for gpSPhone has been to scale the screen larger. I decided for the next release I will do just that, as well as improve sound support. I’m debating whether to add landscape support since it’s very odd to hold the iTouch / iPhone sideways. Instead I rearranged the skin for portrait mode. Also take note in the screenshot below that making the tiny GBA resolution any larger than below would make things very blocky. So there’s less a need for fullscreen or landscape now. I also added n A+B button in the very bottom right corner (not shown in the skin).

I’m sending the beta of v0.1.5 to all people who donate to me for gpSPhone. I really appreciated the donations and this is my way of giving back. If you donated and would like the beta, send an email to: helpttd [at] pobox [dot] com

Avoiding spam, so replace the [at] with @ and the [dot] with .

A little beta testing should go a long way in helping me iron out some of these bugs as well. Thanks for the support everyone!

EDIT: Fixed the video rendering color bug as well. 🙂