Wiki2Touch is an open source wikipedia server/reader for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch.


Template caching works without any change of rights now for firmware 1.1.3/1.1.4, too. If you’ve not modified anything in the past while using 0.60 together with firmware 1.1.3/1.1.4 you will see the articles now displayed much faster once the template is cached.

Support for #expr/#ifexpr parser functions. Have a look at articles like “2008? (the year 2008). Mainly all the links in the head area are computed by the use these new functions.
Preliminary math support: At least the text from the math-tags is extracted and displayed with a gray background for better readability and the math symbol “Pi” is displayed as the Greek symbol. Nothing else.

More than 30 changes for better rendering support. The changes covering smaller issues like to much spaces or line feeds, correct handling of headlines, reference lists and enumerations, up to the support of sometimes very complex templates (i.e. in the English edition articles like “Al Gore” or “George Washington”. And a bug which crashed the server was also removed.