Do you love solving puzzles with jumbled words but bored with traditional games? Then Word Spotter is for you. Word Spotter adds a new twist to the old tradition: it is about how fast can you match a word and not about your word power. It’s a fun game of visual recognition and not a vocabulary test.

Being true to its root, Word Spotter starts with a set of jumbled letters. But you don’t have to find the word on your own. In Word Spotter, you will get four choices to pick from. All of them are proper words but only one of them is made up of exactly those letters and other three will differ by at least one letter. All you have to do is to spot the right word. You don’t even have to know the word. Yes it’s that easy!

The question is how fast can you spot the word? Can you do it in 30 sec? How about 5? So take up the challenge and find out how good and fast you are at spotting words. Give your brain some workout. In the process may be you will learn a new word or two. But no matter what, you will have fun!

This game is free for a limited time only!