Developer “Open Source Pong” who was previously coding an open source Pong game, comes up with a new game. Unfortunatly without binary, so this release might be of limited use for the public.

Release notes:

Here is the Source Code for my new game 2600 De Amigo. When the note touches the corresponding box you move the joystick in that direction to score points. Right now you don’t lose points for moving the joystick while the note isn’t in a box but, that will be added in the next version. The reason i am including the source and not a binary is because there is no way to change the direction of the arrow at this moment and you will need to change a line in the source to control which direction the note will go. However this will allow you to test the basic aspects of the game never the less.

Changing this line controls the direction of the note as follows
0 – none
1 – up
2 – down
3 – left
4 – right