Atarius Maximus has udpated his “Adventure Game” aka “Cave In”.


David Exton has been hard at work on a label for Cave In, and his final version looks fantastic. Take a look here:

I’ve been testing the game again today, and everything is looking good. I made one minor change to the difficulty levels, you now start out with the gun in game one and never lose it. The gun upgrade room is still in that level, however the upgrade will never appear since you’ll never need it. I now need to start working on updating the instruction manual, as the most recent version I posted is now out of date – several things have changed.

Here’s a quick review of the difficulty level differences:

Default options – shots cannot fire through walls, enemies will die after attacking 7 times, shield can be used to kill enemies when you have no gun – just press the fire button when you’re on top of them.
Gameplay Notes: Enemies will not drop a gun for you in Games 2 & 3 until after you’ve found the gun for the first time. You cannot exit a locked cave until after you’re in possession of the crown piece.

Game 1 – Beginner
enemies move at normal speed and never have a fast attack
no health reduction when changing rooms
keys are always hidden in the same rooms
You start out with your gun, and you will never lose it.

Game 2 – Intermediate
enemies move at normal speed with occasional fast attacks
1 point health reduction when you change rooms only after you are down to 3 health blocks left
key locations are randomized
You start out with no gun – you will have to find it.

Game 3 – Advanced
enemies move at top speed all the time
1 point health reduction when you change rooms at all times
key locations are randomized
You start out with no gun – you will have to find it.
falling rocks in the locked caves will fall twice as fast

There are just a few minor issues that I know are still in the game, that will likely not be fixed – mostly due to space issues. There’s less than 20 bytes free now out of 32k, changing anything now is very difficult.
Enemy explosions are not red when you’re in posession of the shield.
If you drop the shield inside the inivisible maze, it changes to the wrong size when dropped. There is no effect on gameplay.
The healthpack/gun upgrade may appear in unaccessible location – I’ve minimized the probability of it happening, but it might happen sometimes.

No more updates are planned for the game now – please post if you find any more bugs. I’ve tested the latest version of the game on my CC2 and everything seems to work fine. I know of two other issues that were reported when I was working on this back in February: getting stuck in a wall, and the bullet remaining on the screen as an unmovable dot that disappears after you leave the room. Hopefully those bugs have been elimintated, as I’ve not been able to reproduce them in this version. Of course, I had an extremely difficult time reproducing them back then too.

Edit: I posted a minor revision (v217). Unless any more bugs are found, this will be the final version.