A sci-fi adventure game by jrok set on a space station filled with evil mutants and robots. Your goal will be to locate the station’s death ray and disable it before the bad guys use it to destroy mankind.

Release notes:

Okay, this is a pretty big update. Essentially I’ve introduced many new mechanics, and have crafted a “mini-level” that I am going to use as the base for testing all gameplay mechanics from here on out.

The goal of this mini-level is simply to locate a Chalice.

I’ve updated the instructions a bit below, but without going into to much detail here are the major changes/additions:

Puzzling: Throughout the station are computer terminals that control various obstacles you need to bypass. There are clues hidden in the environments in and around each obstacle, so you have to pay attention in order to solve the code. You can access one of these terminals by standing on it and pressing the left fire button. The screen changes to a “1st person” view of the computer monitor. The interface is composed of 9 buttons in three different colors and a white “enter” button. You can move the cursor beside the various buttons using the left joystick, and select a button by pressing the fire button, adding that button to your code string. When you think you’ve entered the full code, select the white enter-button and press the fire button. You will be then returned to “3rd person” Adventuring Mode, and a sound will indicate whether the code was correct or incorrect. If correct, the computer will perform the desired action (i.e. lowering a force field, disarming a turret, etc)

Enemy AI: I’ve removed “The Mutant” for now, so you’ll only be fighting robots. Revised collision detetion and steering. Added a projectile weapon using the ball object. Robot randomly appears when a new room is drawn

Item Pickup: This is still a little inflexible and needs to be worked on. When you see an object in a room, postition the hero on top of it and press the fire button to pick it up. It will appear in the third slot in your inventory and will automatically be armed. Certain items (like the gun) have a limited number of uses.

Death: Each time a robot shoots you, you will lose a shield. When you have lost all your shields, Young Skywalker, “You will die.”

I am REALLY curious how difficult you guys think the puzzle(s) are in this build. I want to make puzzling part of the core gameplay, with the puzzles getting progressively harder – and even deadlier – as you get closer to the game objective.

At the bottom of the screen, the score area displays your current inventory and shield strength. You can hold up to three items in your inventory at a time, and can have a maximum of up to three shields.

CONTROLS (Adenturing Mode):
Reset Switch Restart the game.
Left Joystick – Move hero in 8 directions
Left Fire Button – Activate a computer terminal or Aim/Use the active item in your inventory, as follows:

Laser Sword – While holding the button down, tap the Left Joystick left or right to slash in that direction.
Gun – Move the Left Joystick in one of 8 directions to aim the gun that way. Release the Fire Button to shoot.
Bomb – If you can find this item, you can blow holes in interior walls and doors.

RightJoystick – Tap left or right to change your active Inventory item.

CONTROLS (Puzzling Mode):
Left Joystick – Move the cursor in four directions
Left Fire Button – Press a colored button or submit the code by selecting the Enter key at the bottom of the monitor.

ENEMIES & OBSTACLES (only two at the moment):
Killer Robot: Garden variety evil robot. They turn up randomly in rooms that you enter, and can be dispatched with a single shot or a swing of your sword.
Mutant X: This is a persistent character that will serve much of the function that the Dragons did in Adventure, relentlessly pursuing you around the complex. You can mangle him with a sword strike or a bullet, but after a few seconds he will re-constitute himself and continue hunting you down.
Computer Terminal: A security computer linked in to the Armageddon Complex security network. Can be used to disable Force Fields or trigger other events.
Force Field: A barrier which must be disabled by entering the proper code in a computer terminal.