A sci-fi adventure game by jrok set on a space station filled with evil mutants and robots. Your goal will be to locate the station’s death ray and disable it before the bad guys use it to destroy mankind.

Release notes:

I went with 32K supercharger and the standard bB kernel here, so I can try to squeeze in as many variables as possible. Here’s what I have so far:

– A game world with four rooms, arranged horizontally
– Two types of playfield objects: Walls (which you bang into) and Teleporter Pads (which you use to teleport between decks)
– The Player character can move left and right, duck and use a Teleporter Pads by pressing fire when he’s standing on one.
– Two monsters roam the upper and lower decks. For now, they just move in one direction until they hit a wall, then turn around. Both monsters are “persistent” in that their position in the game map and their collisions are constantly tracked. So, when a monster bangs into a wall in the unseen room next door, he will still turn around and head back the other way.

Since this is my first attempt at a homebrew, feedback and ideas (EDT: and bug reports!) would be greatly appreciated. I’m also documenting my development process at my atariage blog, and will continue to post new mini-builds there as I go forward.