A nuclear reactor core stabilizer and containment field has failed unexpectedly and you, the technician, have to manually stabilize the atomic matter until containment field can be initialized. The containment walls will start enclosing around the atomic matter as the containment field is brought back online. However because the containment field is down, other random atomic matter is being project around the reactor core. The manual stabilizers have not been calibrated on schedule so they do not stabilize the atomic matter correctly which has resulted in the atomic matter to jitter around. If two pieces of atomic matter collide or if the atomic matter collides with the walls before the containment field has been initialized, then the whole nuclear reactor wild explode.

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Ok Hello,

Decided to see if I could implement 2 Player VS and I was able t0o !!! Even better because of the way I programmed 2 Player Coop (read previous post about how frustrating it was) I was able to implement 2 Player VS extremely easily and quickly!!! Also I have shuffled the code around so it fits better in the banks except for bank 2 which I am just going to leave alone. Here is what the compiler readout is (If no one cares about this let me know and I will stop posting it, I just seem to find it interesting)

1250 bytes of ROM space left in bank 1
0254 bytes of ROM space left in bank 2
2142 bytes of ROM space left in bank 3
2206 bytes of ROM space left in bank 4

Means I’ve got about 5852 bytes of my original 16384 bytes to work with. And I really need about that much for well endings (I have the hard one already programmed just not called), sounds (I have no idea how much space that is going to take up) and for clean-up and refinement.

Ok for the 2 Player VS I am too tired to even try to control two players at once, so I saw that it came up and I could move each players atomic matter. I have not checked yet to see if the level gets smaller as time goes on. If someone can check that out, it would be fantastic. Also the VS Levels might need to be tweaked. I literally made them in like 5 minutes!!!

Download it and try it out, let me know what you think!!!


*UPDATE* I have updated the atomic_meltdown.bin. I just realized how I wanted to change my “other” atomic matter aka ball that flies through that you need to avoid. *UDPATE*