Here comes another update of Bee Ball!


New version, Head Butt added! Thanks to BlackJack for suggestion, and I realy need say thank you because this turned into a cool move!

“Head butt” not avoid only ball missing, this can be usefull for surprise attack too. Is funny defend a spike with this. To a quick look, wait ball hit the raquet, then press back and stop.

1 – Only works if ball is going to back, so not mess the gameplay.
2 – Only works when ball hit the bee’s head, ya rly, the ball change horizontal direction, and vertical speed have a fixed value (never change)
3 – You can use this for blocking, if ball is in our side (becouse the button turn to stroke)
4 – Now the opponent is a bit hard…

Also, fixed the corner bug, some changes in AI, and small graphic changes in background.
(I have not set the head butt information for AI yet).

Here’s the binary.