LS_Dracon has updated his game Bee Ball 2 times recently and is not at version 7.

Release notes:

Ok another update :

– AI fixes
– Net is 2 lines lower
– 100% of rom space used.

People, as no more rom space, the game is finished!

Sorry to not use all of ideas posted here, I’m novice programmer, and don’t have a good skill to explore at maximun the 2600.
Originally this game was to be single player, with no button use.
Entire game was re-coded 2 times, and every single code (movement, collisions, button moves, animations, ball, kernal, AI etc…) was rewrite at least 3 times!
90% Of codes in this game I never use before, the true only sprite draw and a bit of animation I already had study. The fractional movement, 48 bit sprites, repositioning multiple objects, music, AI etc… is completly new for me.

I need say thanks for everyone who tested this game, and give-me feedbacks.
Thanks to Albert, Nathan Strum, SpiceWare, Impaler_26, BlackJack, rheffera, Alex_79, R-Type2600, Cybergoth, espire8 and all people from Atari Age forum

Special thanks to Michael (SeaGTGruff) he post nothing in this topic, but help-me in the first bug I fond, in prototipe version. This game I started to code in Dez/06 so 1 year working on it, I need some days of vacation :p

Just for curiosity, in fist post I told this game was created by one friend. He create the main game concept (that is, bee using raquets). This port to Atari 2600 is very different, in original the bee don’t use button, you can’t do a stroke or block. Don’t have a Bee Judge serving balls and other things. But the interesting, this friend create this concept based in a mosquito character I create in 2003. I draw some sprites and he use some elements in his game. I don’t have the original game anymore, I lost it, but I found a SnapShot, see the image below. 🙂