The forces of evil are trying to cross Bifroest (the rainbow bridge of Norse mythology) to attack Asgard. Can you prevent Ragnaroek?

Release notes from s0c7:

What’s new:
The issue newcoleco mentioned has been fixed. The delay code wasn’t triggering properly. The fire button will be ignored for 2 seconds when you win now (same time frame used for the normal game over).

Left difficulty switch now used:
B – Same game as before.
A – For those who have beaten B, a little more challenge. The game will not end at 100, but will roll the score, reset the attack level, and change the color of Asgard. Clear the game 3 times to win. The color sequence goes yellow, gray, green. This will be the color of Asgard (the castle in the upper right corner) and also your high score.

The high scores for the 2 variations are considered separate instances and (for as long as the game is turned on) will be retained regardless of you flipping back and forth.

Switching variations will not take effect until you start a new game. So if you play a game at B, switch it to A during the game, the B game you are playing will still continue and the B high score will display when it finishes. Only after you hit fire at game over will it switch over to the A setting.

I haven’t had time to test this on real hardware yet, but I don’t foresee and problems. Let me know if you encounter any issues.