The object of the game is to zap the falling bombs before they reach the city below. You have a powerful laser beam that can be moved back and forth to take out the bombs. The city also has a set of shield defenses which will stop the bombs, but you won’t score any points for their desctruction. You also have one super powerful laser blast that you can deploy at any point during the game. It will destroy all of the falling bombs on the screen. To activate the super laser, push up on the joystick. You will receive 10 points for every bomb you destory, and as mentioned before, no points for bombs destroyed by the city shields.

The game is divided up into 12 levels, and with each passing level you’ll face a faster bombing raid on your city. Once you reach level 12, it’s a test of endurance – there will be no more pauses in the action until you reach the inevitable destruction of your city. You’ll see your city blow up when six bombs have hit. When the game pauses at each level, press down on the joystick when you’re ready to continue.

The city can survive six direct bomb hits before it’s destroyed. Your six hits are indicated with the level counter at the bottom of the screen. If you reach the end of a level and you’ve taken at least one hit you will gain one life back. Once you reach level 12, there are no more opportunities to gain extra lives.

This game includes the option of having a second player control the city’s shields using the right joystick. If no one is using the right joystick, the shields will hover back and forth automatically.