Atarius Maximus has released a release client of his game “Cave In”, which previously made it in the news as “Adventure Game”. The game is pretty comple.

Here are the release notes:

I’m nearly complete with my new Adventure game, which has been about 6 months in the making. It’s written using mostly batariBasic, however I’ve got a little bit of pure ASM in there, most notably for the high resolution titlescreen. It’s a 32k game and uses the superchip for a higher resolution playfield. It’s a quest type game with 160+ different rooms to explore and specific goals that have to be accomplished – I’m including the latest version of the instuction manual that has all the details. I’m also including a map of the game which is farily current, but some room designs have changed since I last updated it. Also, the current version of the manual has lots of spoilers, just as a warning. For more info about the game, check out the thread in the 2600 basic forum here:

The reason I’m posting here is I was hoping someone might be able to provide a little assistance with adding some music to this game – either in the titlescreen, in-game, or in the closing screen after you’ve beaten the game. Several people have suggested that the game would be much more ‘complete’ with some music, and unfortunately it’s beyond my skills as a programmer to create a song on the 2600 that anyone would actually want to hear. The titlescreen is already written in ASM, so it might be easier for an experienced programmer to plug in a song in that portion of the game. I’ve included that code as a separate attachment. I realize that it’s a pretty big favor to ask, and if no one is up for it that’s ok. I still wanted to share the game with everyone who frequents the homebrew forum.

I like the game as is without any music, but adding it would defintitely put a finishing touch on it. Any other comments or suggestions are welcome. Is there anyone here who might like to assist?