Zach doesn’t have enough time to finish his game …, therefore he has released the source code in the hope some other coder will finish the project. It’s a Non-Infringing Russian Block Game 😉

Unfortunately, it looks like I’m not going to have much time for Atari programming this year. I’m posting the source to the demo, in case anyone wants to pick it up. There are two source codes in the zip. One is playable but uses RAM+ bankswitching (same demo as posted earlier), and the other uses standard memory, but is unplayable. Also one uses PHP and the other uses SHX for clearing VBLANK. There are a few notes provided on the pros and cons of each approach.

Maybe I’ll get it back to it later, but in case I don’t I hereby release this code for other programmers. I trust that if anyone finishes it, they will give credit where it is due.