Circus Calcticus, which was known as “DUEL” for a short time, has been updated. It’s a futuristic gladiator tournament, where combatants duel each other to the death for the pleasure of the galactic empire. The game will comprise the player’s fighting career, with the difficulty and rewards ramping up with each new match. A match ends when one gladiator loses all of his shields, and is fried by his opponents laser beam. The player begins a match with three shields, while each new opponent gains more shields up to a maximum of five.

Release notes:

I’ve worked a bit on my “hurry-up” routine for the game. When a the game-timer reaches a certain point, two walls seal off the defensive zones, and the shield material becomes a wave of deadly electricity that fries you. The time between the beginning of the round and when the walls appear decreases as you progress through the game.

EDT: Fixed a sound effects bug