atari2600land is bringing up a new game for Atari 2600 called “Daffy Redux” (for now).

Release notes:

Yes it is. Right now I’ve just been going on screenshots and what NP has to say about the game, but I plan to get the game this weekend (if I can find it) so I know what I’m doing better. Thank you for the compliments. I’ve decided to take the lines from the diamond away and added a title screen which looks a little…colorful right now since the program randomly chooses colors at the top, and then goes into the game with the same colors. As of now, I’m just fooling around with the title. Right now, it’s “Daffy Redux.” Any other title suggestions are welcome, though. But the title screen needs to be changed unless I can find a workaround with the pfcolors thing. I’ll just make the COLUPF in the game one color.

There is no binary available yet, just the BATARI Basic source.