Fort Apocalpyse has updates his Atari 2600 game “Delta Force Sniper”.


* done – Variable speed: Speed up the cursor until it gets close to the target, then slow it down slightly for more precision. It’s how Sega made House of the Dead 3 work without a light gun.
* done – level 2 and higher (but no jacket) – Headshots: I found I was aiming right between where the eyes would be, even if it cost me more time. I think it’s a human instinct. If you can kill the guy by shooting anywhere else, make a head shots only stage, where the bad guy has a vest.
* done – level 3 and 6 – Selectable variation: One bullet game: Make it count.
* done – level 5 – 7 – Selectable variation: Wind. Fight the elements – try to steady your hand.