SpiceWare updated their game Draconian. Your goal is to destroy the space stations on each level. Use the radar, located at the bottom of the screen between the score and lives remaining, to find the stations (green dots) in relation to yourself (white dot). Destroy the stations by taking out all 6 pods.


Bonus Lives at 20,000 then every 70,000
Jingle added to AtariAge Splash Screen
Revised formation appearances
* Sector 1 = I-Type only
* Sector 2 = 50% I-Type, 50% P-Type
* Sector 3+ = 37.5% I-Type, 37.5% P-Type, 25% E-Type
Fixed condition where Red Alert sound effect would repeat in the menu
Slowed down explosion sequences
E-Types launched from stations will now collide with stationary objects
Fixed bug where next level would start if you rammed the last station with your last star fighter