Will is working on an adventure/RPG style game for Atari 2600 named “Dragon Attack”. The game is yet in early stages.

Release notes:

Hello everyone!

A while back on an Indenture thread I had posted a possible 2600 asm kernel that could be used to create asymmetrical playfields used by Indenture.

I’ve been playing around with it for a while, and have actually got it to the point where it supports not only asymmetrical playfields, but also multiple-color playfields and 2-scanline-resolution support for missile0 and missile1. What this means is that I can create a new version of Adventure that adds fire-breathing dragons, castle moats that need to be crossed with a bridge, and tons of other neat things.

Here are some screenshots and an NTSC binary of what I have so far. The binary is just a static frame, there’s no player or dragon movement coded yet. I just wanted to show that this is actually doable on the 2600, and not just a mockup.

What I eventually plan to do is incorporate:
– all 31 of the original rooms from Adventure
– 32 of my favorite rooms from Indenture, including the yellow maze, orange “ATARI” maze, and the green and silver castles.
– 34 original rooms

I’ll also be including the shield, flashlight (possibly reimagined as a torch), blue balloon, and a handful of rooms from my Duck Attack! homebrew.

Note that this isn’t a hack of Adventure (although I’ve got nothing against Adventure hacks, obviously); it’s a complete rewrite from scratch (although I’ll probably pull in some routines from Duck Attack! when appropriate – e.g. the fire-breathing logic.) Nonetheless, the basic gameplay should feel very familiar once it’s done.

I’ll post updates here as it progresses.