Epic Adventure by Byte Knight is an entirely new Adventure game built from the ground-up featuring 32 rooms / mazes with all-new items and enemies (see picture below). It’s kind of a mixture of Adventure and Lord of the Rings. The goal of the game is “the usual” – get the golden chalice back to your home castle. But first, you must kill the Dragon in order for the chalice to appear in one of three places – the Wizard’s Castle, the Dragon’s Castle, or the Troll’s Cave.


* Added level III with randomized items.
* Level I is easier – two stabs to kill dragon, one to kill troll. No hawk or wizard (so my kids can beat the game!).
* Different title screen – I think the Evil Magician’s castle & gate looks cooler…
* Orc disappears after you kill the wizard, so you’re free to explore.
* Should work on Harmony cart now (untested).