Epic Adventure by Byte Knight is an entirely new Adventure game built from the ground-up featuring 32 rooms / mazes with all-new items and enemies (see picture below). It’s kind of a mixture of Adventure and Lord of the Rings. The goal of the game is “the usual” – get the golden chalice back to your home castle. But first, you must kill the Dragon in order for the chalice to appear in one of three places – the Wizard’s Castle, the Dragon’s Castle, or the Troll’s Cave.

Release notes:

I finally got around to doing an AV mod to my 2600 Jr., and so I was able to test the game out on my Harmony cart. One thing that became evident on the Harmony cart and not in emulation was “screen shake” with object collisions. RevEng has helped minimize this. Here’s the latest release, and probably the last release before it goes to cart.