Rastignac continued development of his racing game F40. The game was also known as “Ferreira 40”.


– Untested on real hardware; sorry.
– Copyright changed from 2008 to 2014!
– Copyright changed from 2014 to 2015!
– Little fixes in main menu (missing characters, etc).
– Main menu is still the same (nothing new: same bad music, same boring look, etc).
– Note that texts’ police just suck (some characters are ugly, some are nicer). To redo later.
– “One player game” is still not a real game. Nothing changed. Same half-baked prototype kernel with bugs and defects.
– Perhaps better random for badguys’ cars in “one player” mode.
– “Two players game” has been worked! Kernel is nice; not finished yet, but it’s a good base; (it’s all about that base!).
– “Two players” mode is not a real game either. It’s a prototype, a promise, a showroom.
– Design in “two players” mode is not final. Arrows suck (some are even different from others), etc.
– Sources will also be available; they are dirty, messy, and there’s nothing to learn from them, but they will be available soon. Oh my god, look at dat asm!