Before the Magical Hammer was passed on to Fix-It Felix Jr., his father had to keep things in order. Fix-It Felix Sr. by Cybearg is a parody remake of the game Fix-It Felix Jr. featured in the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph. Fix-It Felix Sr. is a simple, colorful, and fun arcade game.

Avoid ducks and falling bricks while fixing broken windows by hitting the fire trigger. Broken windows in the row Felix, Sr. is standing in are indicated by blank spaces in the indicator at the bottom-left of the screen. If the window Felix Sr. is in front of is broken, the indicator will be red. If it is green, the current window is in good condition. Lives are shown with the indicator at the bottom right of the screen. Keep an eye open for the pies that get set out on window sills–they give you an extra life! You gain points for each window repaired, eating pies, and completing a stage by fixing all broken windows.