atari2600land started to work on a new platformer called “George”.

Release notes:

Here’s a game I’m working on called George. It’s basically a platformer game, and, IMHO the best one I’ve made so far. I think I’ll keep working on this alongside GoSub 2. You get infinite lives because there’s 8 levels, each with about 30 screens. Press down to crouch and up to jump. Haven’t found a use for fire yet (maybe pause perhaps?) All the levels will be based on various bodily functions (Mountain of Poop, Phlegm Phorest, Sea of Pee, etc.) This version only goes to screen 6 of level 1. I hope you like it. Level 1 has a rolling smiley face which you can hop on for a ride (in some cases you need to get on it), but don’t let it mow you down or else you’ll start at the beginning of the level.