Gizzle Wap 2 is a new Atari VCS game currently in development by Mountain King. If you are into sailing and exploring islands arcade style, this game might be something for you. It’s in early stages but don’t forget to give the developer feedback. Feedback usually results in motivation and results into more updates and a better game.

Release notes:

1. Started using the new version of Stella. Found and eliminated some Jitter I didn’t notice on the map view.
2. The Floaty Fin moves faster now and is able to out run the Culex a little easier.
3. Your cursor remains pink.
4. Implemented the Gizzle Wap’s sidekick, Camy with a few new tricks. Camy follows you the same way as in The Strange Red Tree. Press and hold the fire button to use Camy as a shield, He won’t stay there indefinitely. He will eventually fly away. Press and hold the fire button and press up to jump to make Camy fly vertically. He flies more vertically than he did in the previous game. He zig zags now. Jump/press the button and then pull down to do the jump drop. You can make Camy hover for a few seconds if you press up to jump first and then hold the button down. He won’t hover forever and will eventually fly off.