Gizzle Wap 2 is a new Atari VCS game currently in development by Mountain King. If you are into sailing and exploring islands arcade style, this game might be something for you. It’s in early stages but don’t forget to give the developer feedback. Feedback usually results in motivation and results into more updates and a better game.

Release notes:

1) The Floaty Fin sprite has been replaced by playfield graphics. He is more to scale to the size of the Gizzle Wap. If you move right off the Floaty Fin screen it will place you on the island or the middle of the ocean if there is no island. To return to the map view move to his tail on the right side of screen.
2) A Maum Maum, a small bird creature similar to a sandpiper will appear on the Floaty Fin if the toxic level of an island is to high to visit. You will not be able to leave the Floaty Fin if he appears. Generations of Maum Maum have kept watch over the Toxic Isles for centuries and know its secrets.
3) The Culex fly in a more random pattern and are more aggressive.
4) You now fall into the water on islands that have sink holes.
5) The beginnings of a cure routine have been implemented, but may not be evident in game play.