Heartbreak by Cybearg is an colorful original arcade-style game inspired by Breakout. The game was designed and prototyped for the 2013 Global Game Jam competition and won Best Game Mechanics and Player’s Choice awards in the local chapter.

Use right/left or clockwise/counter-clockwise on the Atari Driving Controller to rotate the blocks clockwise and counter-clockwise, respectively. Each game mode has 9 lives before heartbreak (loss), with 3 hits per each of the 3 heart sizes. All heart sizes are restored at the beginning of a level. Red and Blue game modes give points for each broken block and bonus points for the heart size (600 for large, 400 for medium, 200 for small). Yellow and Green games give points only for cumulative ball bounces, so try to keep that ball moving! On the title screen, choose left/right, select, or rotate clockwise/counter clockwise on the driving controller to select the desired game mode.