Ben Larson released a new Atari 2600 homebrew game to the public.

Here is what he wrote:

After many years of being sidetracked doing other stuff (getting married, moving, grad school, getting java certified, taking up other hobbies, getting sidetracked ‘playing’ rather than programming), I decided to get back to do some atari 2600 programming and finally finish my ancient and dusty game ‘Incoming!’ once and for all. I’m committed to finishing it this time around.

So without further ado, here’s the latest beta version. I’ve added moving clouds, reworked the tank graphics to give it a little more cartoony feel, made the wind more realistic (i.e. using a real X-vector deceleration now instead of just modifying the initial X vector), fixed some bugs, etc.

Personally I think the wind is a bit too strong now, but you guys can tell me what you think. The computer AI isn’t all that sophisticated and seems to struggle now in high wind / high elevation situations…


P.S. also, sorry for no PAL version yet. i’m sorry, es tut mir leid, lo siento, and je suis desolee.