Story: Two painters were asked to paint a nuclear research facility. Unfortunately, after they arrive they realized there is some very strange stuff going on in the facility. Someone accidentally dropped a small vial of nuclear material that is very kinetic and deadly. It flies around bouncing off the walls and marring the floor with explosions when it reacts with the paint. Then there is the small problem of a security droid that runs over the paint and messes it up, which wouldn’t be so bad. However, it is as deadly as the vial, and it seems to send signals when it touches the paint that make the vial move erratically! Finally the nuclear material and paint mixing together with the droid’s signals seem to be making other strange things appear… Are they ghosts? Have the painters’ tools become the painters’ demise? You’d have to be insane to paint a facility like this!

Description: For 1-2 players. 1 player game is playing with computer as 2nd player who cannot contribute points, and computer player is not really cooperative. 2 player game is cooperative (both players contribute points). 10 points per paint section. Hold button down to paint. Avoid container, droid, ghost paintbrush and ghost paint roller. Paint enough and you can move on to the next room if you survive (but some rooms may be hard to see!). Unfortunately things get faster.

Release Notes: 0.8 is way more stable now and looks better! Please try it out! Thanks, Batari and SeaGtGruff for the help, and everyone else for trying it out!

Thanks to for the screenshot!