Help Jungle Monkey go bananas by getting them!

Further description:
To jump, press up. To hang from a vine, once you’ve got hold of one, hold up. To climb up to the top of a vine (and stand on it), press up and fire. The goal is to collect as many bananas as you can without touching the slithering snakes that creep across the vines. Once you get 50 bananas, the snakes go faster, and if you get 100 bananas, the snakes move faster still. If you move off the side of the screen, you’ll reappear at the other side. Oh, and you get three lives. Once you lose all 3, your final score will appear at the title screen.

Tip on getting the highest score possible: Stay away from the edges unless a banana appears there. The edges of the screen is where the snakes reappear, and one might appear where you are and kill you. If a banana appears at an edge, wait until there is no snake in the immediate area to grab it.

Release notes:
I fixed the messed up title-screen, the problem was that you didn’t set variable d to 0 when it was greater than 3.
I just added this line to the code: ‘ if d>3 then d=0 ‘. Works fine now.

I like the sound-fx for grabbing a banana, i think it would be nice if you could also add sound-fx for the ape’s movement!

EDIT: Doh!!! I just tested it again and it seems there’s another problem with it. If i compile the attached .bas file with the original 2600basic.exe file (date stamp: February 14th 2007) it works fine but if i compile it with the fixed 2600basic.exe file (date stamp: May 26th 2007) i get the messed up title-screen again 🙁