Juno First is intended to be an Atari 2600 port of the arcade game of the same name. Naturally the Atari 2600 version requires some significant simplifications, but the main elements are there. The visual style of the game is similar to Beamrider, but it plays quite differently.

The awesome sprite graphics were created by Nathan Strum, and the the excellent title music was created by Erik Ehrling (moderntimes99).

Release notes:

A small “feature” came to light recently with the cartridge release of Juno First. The high score table is not shown when the right difficulty switch is in the A position (continue mode disabled) – to view the high score you need to slide this difficulty switch to the B position. I have now fixed this problem, and the final version is attached below. This fixed version will now be used on all future Juno First carts that are produced. However, around 50 carts were produced with the previous version. If you have one of these carts then you now have an exclusive limited collectors edition!