Juno First is intended to be an Atari 2600 port of the arcade game of the same name. Naturally the Atari 2600 version requires some significant simplifications, but the main elements are there. The visual style of the game is similar to Beamrider, but it plays quite differently.

The awesome sprite graphics were created by Nathan Strum, and the the excellent title music was created by Erik Ehrling (moderntimes99).

Release notes:

OK, here is the first Release Candidate for Juno First. The plan is to release it on a cart in time for the AA holiday sale (assuming there will be one this year!). The changes since last time are:
Fixed a number of screen jumps and trivial bugs.
Added some excellent AtariVox speech from mos6507.
The AtariVox now speaks the wave number at the beginning of each wave.

You won’t notice too many changes unless you have an AtariVox. As usual, I will be very grateful for any bug reports in this version, and it would be great if someone could test it on a 7800. I’m now declaring a feature freeze, but I’m still open to minor tweaks if there is anything that you find annoying.