Juno First is intended to be an Atari 2600 port of the arcade game of the same name. Naturally the Atari 2600 version requires some significant simplifications, but the main elements are there. The visual style of the game is similar to Beamrider, but it plays quite differently.

The awesome sprite graphics were created by Nathan Strum, and the the excellent title music was created by Erik Ehrling (moderntimes99).

Release notes:

Many thanks to everyone who has been testing my game. Here is the second release candidate, which contains the following changes:
The grey high-score table is now slightly lighter (when an AtariVox/SaveKey is not used).
Pressing up/down on the joystick during the title screen will change the starting wave (unless the right difficulty switch is set to A).
The wave number speech now increases to a higher pitch.
The description of “continue mode” in the manual has been updated.

I will be very grateful for testing by people who own AtariVox/SaveKey units. For some reason the game isn’t saving the high scores when I use my AtariVox, although it works fine with my SaveKey and with Stella. I suspect that my AtariVox may have a bad EEPROM, or there is a bad connection.